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We are ready to tackle any and all insect and pest issues, and with regularly scheduled visits we will help keep pesky bugs away for good, which should make the saddest pet a happy one.

#1 Tip = Prevention
Inspect Before It Becomes a Problem

Your home is your largest investment. The most important thing you can do to prevent pest damage and an infestation is to have your home professionally inspected. Call American Termapest Inc. today to schedule an inspection.

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Structural Moisture

Is Moisture An Issue For Your Home or Business ?Crawlspace before-after

For decades, building codes and conventional wisdom prescribed ventilating crawl spaces with outside air as the primary means to control moisture in crawl space foundation homes. Because of this, many homes built on crawl space foundations in the Southeastern United States have suffered from poor moisture management within the structure and also the ailments caused by excessive moisture. We have the solution ....


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Goal #1

In what ever we do, attention to detail is our goal in "Doing it Right". Since 1955, American Termapest Inc. has been committed to providing quality service to the Lakelands area and is recognized as an industry leader.

Tip - Basic Termite and WDI Prevention

Keep areas around the property less pest friendly by keeping limbs 4-6 feet away from the home or building. Use mulches appropriately but remember they can be food to termites and other Wood Destroying Insects. If you have a traditional termiticide barrier, don't till or plant in the first foot of soil surrounding the structure. This was treated and needs to remain undisturbed. Shrubs should be kept 1-2’ from walls to reduce moisture. And, control potential high moisture issues by not allowing sprinkler systems to constantly wet the walls or leaks to go unrepaired. Exclusion and mechanical alterations are a great deterrence for pest and rodents and are first steps in any pest management program at American Termapest.